Our Company

We started our company with one aim – to lower the fees charged by law firms and increase the level of service that consumers and private clients receive, without affecting quality of service.

Following the Clementi review” in 2004, the Legal Services Act 2007 (“the Act”) was introduced into UK legislation on the 6th October 2011. The Act’s primary aim was achieving a new regulatory framework that promoted innovation and competition in the legal services market to lower the ever-increasing cost of legal services, whilst maintaining the fundamentals of good quality representation in the interest of the public.

Prior to the Act, the legal profession was very much a closed shop, and only qualified Barristers and Solicitors could carry out legal services in the UK and this resulted in ever increasing fees unavailable to many consumers and small business owners.

To promote competition in the market, the Act sought to overcome this archaic practice by deregulating major parts of the law fundamentally changing who could provide legal services. See Unregulated ServicesRegulated Services.

That’s where we come in

The Barristers and Solicitors that formed 360 Business & Private Client Law Limited took full advantage of the Act and chose to provide legal services, solely using five (5) year plus qualified Solicitors and Barristers to deliver our legal services, on an unregulated basis acting in the capacity of lawyers, and not as Barristers and Solicitors.

Choosing to deliver legal services through our high-tech infrastructure, using a realistic flat pricing structure (no partners, senior associates, associates), through a high tech infrastructure without city based prestigious premises, and developing services based on standard “mutual” commercial terms allowed us to significantly reduce the fees we charge, making us one of the most cost effective law firms in the country who deliver all of their legal services using highly qualified and experienced lawyers.

That’s why we’ve dedicated our time to perfecting our model, selecting the right lawyers, with the skill and experience to deliver a service that allows you to exceed your own expectations.

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