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Wanted! A new breed of lawyer

360 Business and Private Client Law is a global unregulated law firm, that is a subsidiary of 360 Law Group the only regulated and unregulated law firm in the UK.

We have developed innovative fee models for our clients that other law firms simply can’t compete with – essentially, we are leading the race in changing the way law is delivered and our lawyers are helping to build the law firm of the future.

We are a full-service, global law firm utilising qualified layers, all with a minimum of 5 years post qualifying experience in their chosen area of specialisation, to provide a world class service to clients.

We may be the new kid on the block, but our service model is perhaps the most innovative in the industry, and our state of the art cloud-based infrastructure allows us to operate from a low cost base, allowing our highly qualified lawyers, many having trained and worked as associates and partners in respected city law firms such as DLAPiper; Allen & Overy; Eversheds; Mayer Brown and Baker McKenzie, to operate off charge rates that are exceptionally competitive in the industry.

We are a group of commercially astute senior lawyers at the top of our game, with sufficient drive and ambition to deliver high quality legal services to valued clients.
Our lawyers have the freedom to dictate the way in which they work and the earnings that they want to achieve.

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What does 360 Business & Private Client Law Provide?

As a global law firm with a large number of corporate clients with thousands of employees, our lawyers are provided with a growing stream of quality work across most areas of business law including matters such as corporate, commercial, employment, as well as matters for our corporate clients employees such as personal injury, family, wills and probate through the other division of 360 Business & Private Client Law Limited, 360 Private Client Law.

We also provide state of the art IT infrastructure in which our lawyers can effectively manage their workload, and at the centre of which is our simple to use but highly effective, proprietary Case and Time Management System that interacts with our clients to keep them aware of the status of their case. Coupled with our experienced back office team providing an exceptional level of support to our lawyers and handling all of the firm’s administration, compliance, accounts, invoicing, banking, sales and marketing.

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Teams of lawyers work together on projects like mergers and acquisitions, due diligence where such projects, may require input from corporate, pensions, tax, contracts, commercial property etc…

At 360 Business & Private Client Law you will be an important and valued part of a large and ever-growing family that cross-refers quality workload and provides advice and encouragement where needed.


Yes, it’s important, so let’s discuss it up front.

In our unregulated practice, our lawyers can obtain income in four different ways:
Hourly rate on Subscription legal Services work: – This is a lower hourly rate, but our Subscription Legal Services Clients produce a high volume of quality work. Hourly rates are lower, but this is a dependable income stream for our consultants.

Hourly Rate Income for Subscription Legal Services Clients: – We provide our Subscription Legal Services Clients with a discounted hourly rate for all business law work that does not fall within their Subscription Legal Services fee.

Fee Share: – the fee share rate, one of the highest in the industry, depends on who generates the work. And if a lawyer chooses to put their workload through our practice then they get the higher rate of the fee share, and of course retain the relationship with the introduced client. Where we provide the client workload to the lawyer we pay a lower fee, and retain the relationship with the client.

There are two fee earning structures:

Unregulated Practice
We provide the work You provide the work
Minimum 60% 70%
Maximum 78% 85%


Your Next Step

As a senior lawyer it’s time for you to reap the rewards of your experience and once again enjoy the practice of law. It’s time to get off the hamster wheel and stop feathering the nest of partners in their ivory towers.

In short now is your time to shine – Contact Us.

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